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Appointments can be scheduled online, by clicking BOOK NOW.

For a better understanding & details about our services, please read the full description for the service(s) of interest,  

The system will offer availability based on the service(s) chosen. If your 1st choice date/time is not available, it is recommended to schedule another spot that works for you & keep checking back to see if a better option becomes available.

Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email/text, as well as 3 days before the appt date & a reminder the day before. 
All clients are required to reserve an appointment with a credit/debit card. This    


Hey, life happens!

We feel it is unfair to penalize someone if they need to cancel or reschedule for whatever reason.  

This is much appreciated, because your stylist has a better chance of scheduling someone who is on the waiting list. If your stylist needs to make any changes, you will be contacted with notice.   


When you pay for your service, you are paying for your stylist's time, labor, product, reputation & results. With this being said, there are no refunds for any reason.

Your VIP consult insures your understanding of all factors regarding YOUR hair, service & expectations. If there is ever a mistake made by your stylist, it will be addressed and resolved before you leave the salon. If there is a technical issue with your hair, that may have been overlooked prior to leaving the day of your appointment, please contact your stylist immediately!

A personal issue (second thoughts, feedback from fam & friends, you spent over budget, unrealistic expectations, etc.) is not your stylist's fault. If you need an adjustment made to your hair because of a personal issue, no need to feel uncomfortable, please contact your stylist for a new appointment to make any necessary changes. Anything is fixable.